How to choose a deodorant against sweat

How to choose a deodorant against sweat
In summer, the question of how to choose a deodorant against perspiration, becomes relevant for everyone. There are a lot of questions to these cosmetic and hygiene products. There is a lot of controversy around them – some people think that you can not do without them, and someone chooses natural remedies for fighting excessive sweating.

In hot and stuffy weather, excessive sweating in the armpits causes us the greatest discomfort. It is there that more eccrine and apocrine glands are concentrated, which secrete cooling "moisture" and substances with the so-called "species" smell. Highlighted slime is decomposed by bacteria that live on the surface of the skin, and an unpleasant "scent" appears, whitish traces on clothes and other "joys".


And what is inside the vial?

What means to choose to reduce sweating – deodorant or antiperspirant? Or buy two in one? To determine, you need to understand how these hygiene products work.


Antiperspirant – they block the secretion of sweat, dry the skin. Most of these products do not contain perfume fragrances.


Deodorants They fight with bacteria, which cause their "work" unpleasant smell. They are aromatized, which makes it even better to mask the smell of sweat.


What about clothes?

Even the best means from sweat can spoil clothes – on it there are whitish traces, the paint in places of hit of a deodorant fades. The fact is that in the antiperspirant and deodorant composition there are aluminum salts. In order not to spoil your favorite dress, blouse or top, you need to correctly apply them.


And the deodorant from sweat, and antiperspirant apply on absolutely clean and absolutely dry skin. After the product is completely absorbed, it is necessary to soak the surface of the skin with a dry soft cloth. And only after 10 minutes after that you can put on your favorite outfit.


The second secret is the consistency of sweat remedies. Sprays are less dirty clothes than cream and gels with a ball point. But some of the tissues can be devastatingly affected even by the best deodorant sprays. They include a large amount of alcohol, which is capable of dissolving certain types of fibers and destroying some types of paints.


Harm or benefit?

Hygienic means that fight against excessive sweating, it's over, things are very convenient, but … You should know and remember that the work of the most effective of them, antiperspirants, is based on blocking the work of the sebaceous glands. They are responsible for the natural protective functions of cooling the body in case of overheating.


Do not use antiperspirants before visiting the sauna, bath or gym. With increased physical activity, sweating is necessary for our body, and in the bath – there we go for that and then get rid of toxins and toxins.


You can not smear antiperspirant from head to foot in hot weather. So you run the risk of disrupting the body's thermoregulation and getting a heat stroke.


For people with sensitive and delicate skin, the best option is antiperspirant in the form of a sticker or with a roller tip on the bottle. In such sweat remedies, as a rule, the greatest amount of oils, extracts of plants and moisturizing substances are concentrated.


Folk remedies for sweat

The fact how to do it deodorant their own hands you can learn from old cosmetology recipes. In ancient treatises, they are described in great numbers! For example, asians were considered the best deodorant and antiperspirant grated alum, Russians – apple cider vinegar, and European girls and ladies – citrus juice.


If we talk about modern folk remedies that will help reduce sweating, then in the forefront will be ordinary baking soda. You can use its highly concentrated solution or soda in its pure form. And if you want to get a natural antiperspirant with flavor, you can add essential oils to dry soda.


Radical measures

The modern cosmetology industry is able to get rid of sweat for a long time – 3 or 6 months. This is achieved with the help of so-called "injections of sweat" – injections of Botox into the underarm area. The procedure is quite expensive, but very effective and absolutely safe.


After the introduction of Botox into the skin, the sweat glands are blocked, but moisture is released, in quantities that are necessary for thermoregulation of the body and normal metabolism. The disadvantage of this method is that sweating increases in other parts of the body.

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