How to choose a decorative cosmetics

How to choose a decorative cosmetics
Decorative cosmetics is enjoyed by most women. It helps to create the right image, emphasize the dignity and hide the imperfections of the person. Now the stores offer a wide range of cosmetics, and you need to learn how to choose them correctly.

Before buying makeup, consult a dermatologist. He will determine your type and skin features, as well as give professional advice on the selection of cosmetics.

Do not buy cosmetics на рынках и в ларьках, лучше пойти в специализированный магазин, там меньше шансов купить подделку. Обязательно читайте аннотацию и смотрите на дату выпуска и срок годности продукта. На упаковке должен быть указан производитель и состав продукта. В состав качественных косметических средств входят витамины, полезные добавки, антиоксиданты и солнцезащитные фильтры.

Selecting color range for make-up, take into account the color of your hair, eyes, facial skin, and the image that you want to create with using makeup.

It is very important to choose the right foundation, because it is the basis of your makeup. The tone of the remedy should match the color of your skin or be slightly lighter. The tonal cream should be light and have the qualities of a good face cream: moisturize and protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. There are funds that have a lifting effect, but they are much more expensive.

Good mascara makes the look more expressive, and gives eyelashes volume and length. First, decide what you need: volumetric, elongating or waterproof. Quality product in its consistency is similar to the cream, it lies flat on the cilia, not slides down, does not fall off and does not have a strong chemical smell. Well, if the composition of the product will be useful for eyelashes vitamins, keratin and castor oil. Special therapeutic mascara will heal your cilia. Usually it is approved by ophthalmologists and is excellent for women who wear contact lenses. Waterproof mascara is indispensable in rainy weather and in sports.

Modern quality lipstick will help to make your lips more expressive and voluminous. It should be applied gently and evenly, without causing a feeling of dryness and constriction. A pleasant smell and a delicate texture is another plus to the product. The color range depends on the color of the hair, your individual preferences and the type of makeup. Pearl lipstick and lip gloss will add an extra volume. Matte lipstick is suitable for work make-up, and lipstick with sequins save for fun parties and trips to the club.

Еще одним из основных средств декоративной косметики являются тени для век. Во-первых, хороший качественный продукт не бывает дешевым. Плохие тени могут вызвать аллергию, раздражение и покраснение глаз. Тени должны ровным слоем ложиться на веки и не собираться в складках кожи. Почитайте состав продукта, синтетические, а не металлические пигменты – повод приобрести тени.

In addition to all of the above, be guided by the well-known manufacturers of decorative cosmetics, which have positively proven themselves in the beauty market. Use the testers, if the product you like is worth a lot of money, buy a probe to begin with, to make sure that you need this particular cosmetic.

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