How to choose a cream-gel for washing

How to choose a cream-gel for washing
A special cream-gel for washing will make this daily procedure more pleasant and useful. This remedy helps to cleanse the face and provide oxygen to the cells.

Запомните очень простое правило для выбора крем-геля для умывания: не приобретайте косметические средства этой категории только потому, что они вам понравились красивой упаковкой или выгодной ценой. При покупке вы должны в первую очередь ориентироваться на тип своей кожи.

If your skin is of a dry type and sensitive enough to aggressive environmental factors, use a cream-gel for morning cleansing. Use soap for women with such skin is prohibited. Otherwise it will become even drier, irritation and flaking will begin. Preference is given to cream-gel, which includes natural extracts of plants, lactose and proteins. These components actively nourish, soften, moisturize dry skin, and quickly relieve inflammation.

In case you are the owner of a combination or oily skin, give preference to gel-penne for daily washing. Such a cosmetic product has a very light, almost weightless, refreshing texture. The composition of this gel often includes vitamins, fruit acids, mineral salts that help to gently and very effectively remove from the surface of the skin natural fat and various contaminants.

For skin prone to the formation of acne and other rashes, pick up a soft cream-gel containing chamomile extract or marigold and tea tree oil. These substances very quickly remove inflammation, have antibacterial action, normalize the production of sebum, narrow the pores.

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