How to choose a cream from stretch marks

How to choose a cream from stretch marks
Such an aesthetic problem, like stretch marks or striae, is familiar to many women. In general, their appearance on the body is provoked by changes in the skin, namely, a decrease in skin hydration and elasticity, hormonal disorders, a sharp change in body weight. If you pay attention to this problem immediately, then you can eliminate stretch marks using home methods using massage and creams, without resorting to the services of plastic surgery.

Первым делом обращайте внимание на состав creams против stretch marks. Elastin and collagen are obligatory components of such a remedy. They help to increase the elasticity of the skin. In addition, a quality cream will contain amino acids for the recovery of tissues and cells, as well as vitamins E and C.

Among the cosmetic brands that produce, among other things, creams from stretch marks, можно выделить Lierac, Галеник, Vichy, Bioterm. В состав их creams or gels include vegetable oils (soybean and shea, thistle oil), plant extracts (Asian cystella, ivy), active glycoproteins and marine minerals.

Какому бы крему вы нb отдали предпочтение, он будет рассчитан на длительное application. Для достижения видимого результата регулярность – это главное условие. Обычно крем наносится после водных процедур один или два раза в день на проблемные участки массажными, слегка втирающими движениями. Кожа должна ежедневно на протяжении всего курса получать необходимую дозу веществ, содержащихся в геле или креме против стрий.

Especially carefully choose a cream from stretch marks during of pregnancy, так как в этот период использовать любой крем нежелательно. Для беременных существуют специальные средства против stretch marks, which are hypoallergenic and intensively nourish the skin.

Choose a cream that includes shea and jojoba oils, amino acids and vitamins. Well, if in cream for stretch marks для беременных будет меньше отдушек. Навязчивый или резкий аромат может спровоцировать головную боль или тошноту во время беременности.

Having bought a cream against striae, be sure to test yourself for sensitivity to its components. Ideally, if before you buy you will have the opportunity to use a sampler. If not, apply a little purchased cream on the inside of the elbow and after 15-30 minutes rinse with water. If burning or redness is not present, you can safely use the cream you got.

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