How to choose a cream for washing the face for oily skin

How to choose a cream for washing the face for oily skin
Cosmetic products for washing have different composition, action and are intended for different purposes, so it's not enough to choose a cream-gel with the mark "For oily skin". Read the composition of the gel and compare the effect of active components with the needs of your skin.

Pay attention to the structure of the gel. There are means in the form of a homogeneous dense mass, and there are gels with small abrasive particles. If your skin is not only oily, but also sensitive, and if you select a gel for periods when the impact on the skin should be minimal, then choose a uniform composition. Cream-gel with microgranules has a light peeling effect and as a daily remedy it does not suit everyone – your skin should be rough enough to avoid irritation. Sensitive skin should also not be washed with a gel with an alcohol component, as this can lead to the appearance of dry areas, microcracks, and peeling. For delicate skin, select gels with the addition of panthenol (restores and moisturizes) and citric acid (normalizes ph-balance and removes excess fat).

Для жирной кожи, склонной к быстрому появлению прыщиков и воспалений, разработаны составы со специальными антибактериальными компонентами высокой степени интенсивности – это может быть салициловая кислота, растительные экстракты, фруктовые кислоты, прополис и т.д. Во всех остальных случаях достаточно глубокого очищения.

If you suffer from allergic reactions, then your skin needs additional protection – choose products without herbal ingredients and fragrances. In passing, give up the exfoliating compounds.

Вам необходимо контролировать выделение кожного сала, поэтому выбирайте гели с матирующими свойствами – с экстрактом шалфея, лайма, тимьяна и т.д. Такие средства дают обильную пену, глубоко очищают поры и блокируют выделение сала на некоторое время, заодно подсушивая воспаленные участки. Пенки с добавлением глины можно использовать как маску или как гель для умывания.

Avoid products with the addition of mineral oil. The consistency of cream-gel requires the addition of thickening components – often manufacturers use various mineral oils for this purpose. On oily skin, such funds for washing will leave a barely noticeable film that will clog pores and create all conditions for the reproduction of bacteria. Choose gels without oil and glycerin if your skin is oily and does not need additional moisturizing.

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