How to choose a cream for a tanning salon

How to choose a cream for a tanning salon
To visit the solarium does not turn into problems with the skin in the form of burns, uneven sunburn and allergic manifestations, you should take care of protection and choose the right cream. The tanning agent should intensively moisturize and nourish the skin.

Consider the type of skin. For the skin of different types, certain cosmetics are intended – dry skin needs to be softened further, extended pores can not be clogged dense means, normal skin needs a standard moisturizing. For sensitive skin, nutrition is important, so pay attention to the inclusion of sandalwood, olive oil or grape seed oil.

Подбирайте крем в зависимости от оттенка кожи. Чувствительная кожа светлых оттенков должна быть надежно защищена – выбирайте крем с максимальным фильтром, антиоксидантами и без бронзаторов. Смуглую кожу можно смазать кремом с природными красителями (экстракт хны или грецкого ореха), которые придадут tanning depth and rich color. A cream with a tingle effect is suitable for those who visit the solarium for the first time and whose skin is not prone to allergic rashes. Special substances stimulate intensive production of melanin, which speeds up the time of obtaining a tan, which, moreover, becomes very persistent and acquires a reddish hue.

Acquire the means to protect the delicate areas of the skin. Creams for the lips, facial skin, neck and neck have the highest degree of protection, so they must be selected separately.

Take into account age. For young skin is preferable to cream of low price range, which meet all needs and have high quality. Means for mature skin additionally contain smoothing and tightening skin components, promoting the activation of its protective properties. Cream for solarium премиум-класса стоят дорого, но оправдывают свое использование глубоким увлажнением увядающей кожи и борьбой с возрастными изменениями.

Verify that there are no prohibited components. The cream for the tanning salon should not contain alcohol components and perfumes, whitening ingredients. Ultraviolet rays strengthen penetration into the skin of any substances, so it is important that the composition for the tanning bed is hypoallergenic.

Do not neglect the advice of a specialist. Employees of a sun deck always will help you to choose a suitable cream, therefore their consultations will be useful.

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