How to choose a cosmetologist

How to choose a cosmetologist
Professional care for appearance helps to maintain beauty and youth for a long time. Some people turn to a specialist cosmetologist because home remedies have become insufficient, for others, salon care is part of everyday life. Regardless of whether you plan a one-time procedure or are going to visit the salon or clinic regularly, the approach to choosing cosmetologist should be as thorough and thoughtful as possible – your appearance and state of health depend on the actions of a specialist.

Decide for what purpose you plan to contact a cosmetologist. If aesthetic is able to cope with simple procedures that do not require serious interference into the body (masking, massage), mesotherapy, facelift, removal of benign skin can be performed only by a specialist with higher medical education. Hence the first criterion of your choice is education cosmetologist. Кроме диплома медицинского вуза и свидетельства о прохождении ординатуры по специальности «Дерматология», у него в обязательном порядке должны быть сертификаты курсов повышения квалификации и участия в специализированных семинарах. На право работы с каждой конкретной методикой дерматокосметологу после прохождения обучения и сдачи квалификационного экзамена выдается удостоверение – вам обязаны дать с ними ознакомиться.

Learn as much as possible about the chosen specialist. The more recommendations and positive feedback, the better. Well, if one of your friends has already used his services – ask if they are satisfied, whether it was possible to achieve the desired result, whether there were complications after the procedures.

At the first meeting with the cosmetologist, evaluate the appearance of the cabinet and the doctor himself. If the specialist has a bad skin, untidy appearance, he takes in a shabby and dirty room – you hardly want to deal with him. A qualified specialist at the primary consultation should assess the condition and type of your skin, collect health data, and not impose costly cosmetic procedures from the first minute of the conversation. You should be pleased to be in this man's company. If the cosmetologist falls asleep with incomprehensible terms, but can not explain the meaning of the treatment to you and describe its process – most likely, it is not a professional. Trust your health only to someone who can correctly and clearly tell what this or that method of professional care is for, what results it should lead to, what contraindications and complications are possible.

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