How to choose a cosmetic for cellulite

How to choose a cosmetic for cellulite
Not one woman is immune from the "orange peel". Cellulite can appear in 25 years, and in 40. His insidiousness lies also in the fact that he appears as in women with excess weight, and in slender girls. To get rid of this scourge, an integrated approach is needed. Do not be discouraged if one day, standing in front of a mirror, you found yourself an "orange crust" on your hips. Cellulite is not a sentence.

Because of what appear bumps on the skin? Cellulite is the fat cells increased in volume because of the liquid stored inside them. The cause of this may be a bad metabolism, an improper diet or a sedentary lifestyle. Excess weight and heredity are additional factors that can trigger the appearance of cellulite.

How to get rid of cellulite

An integrated approach is required. If you just go on a diet, excess volumes will go away, but cellulite will not go anywhere. The use of some cosmetics can lead to positive results, but it will take a lot of time. And only a combination: proper nutrition + physical exercise + cosmetic procedures will save you from cellulite permanently and in a short time.

Include more fluid in your diet. If the body does not get the right amount of water, it tries to hide everything that it receives by putting it in the tissues of the cells.

Limit the use of salt, sugar and flour products. Food should be balanced, rich in proteins, vitamins and fiber.

In the fight against cellulite, swimming or aqua aerobics are good. Resistance to water increases the load on the muscles. An exercise bike, running or fast walking is also suitable. Do not abandon the work if the results are not visible in the first two to three weeks.

Anti-cellulite products

Choosing a cosmetic for fighting cellulite, carefully read the composition on the package.

Caffeine, penetrating the skin, accelerates the metabolism and improves blood circulation. Fat deposits are burned much faster. Pepper has a warming effect, which contributes to the inflow of blood into problem areas and improves its circulation. Seaweed actively breaks down fat, increasing the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. Essential oils of grapefruit, orange, lemon, lavender, etc. increase skin tone, remove slag and improve metabolism. The plant extracts also have a tonic effect: grapes, arnica, jojoba, mint, green tea.

To increase the effectiveness of anti-cellulite funds, it should be applied after a shower. Raspare the skin, carefully treating it with a scrub or massage brush. Then massage the movements, moving from the knee to the hips, apply the remedy.

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