How to choose a clipper

How to choose a clipper
The result of the work of the hairdresser depends not only on how correctly he fulfilled the wishes of the client. Of great importance are scissors, with the help of which the master made a haircut. To choose the right hairdresser tool, you need to carefully look at the proposed options.

Take scissors in the hands, turn them, make several ringing movements. You should not experience discomfort, because you will need to use them all day. Check how comfortable the handle is. So, for example, the displaced form better relieves tension from the fingers and wrists, rather than the classical one. Some manufacturers produce models with a special emphasis for the little finger, which gives additional convenience during haircuts. Well, if the set includes and replaceable inserts for the rings, this will help reduce their size if necessary and protect your fingers from friction against the metal.

Уточните у продавца, из какого материала сделаны scissors. The best tools are made of hydrocarbon steel, the hardness of which should be from 58 to 62 HRC (this is the units of the Rockwell scale). If the indicator is above this value, scissors will become very fragile. Often, manufacturers additionally include vanadium, tungsten or molybdenum in the alloy to increase strength and wear resistance, and chrome or nickel for corrosion resistance of steel.

Pay attention to the shears. The smaller the angle of sharpening the blades, the sharper they will be. Also for quality products, the canvas is very softly closed, fixing in the position where you stopped them. Models with a special adjusting screw are quite convenient, since you can tailor them to the character haircuts, толщину волос или удобство для рук, однако прежде чем вы научитесь это делать, может пройти немало времени.

Choose scissors depending on the haircuts, which you will perform. For example, straight cut instruments are suitable for creating classic male and female hairstyles, especially if the canvas is not microscopic. But thin out scissors Are used for reception of fashionable hairstyles with the ragged edges or the different length of hair.

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