How to choose a beautiful hairstyle in the shape of a face

How to choose a beautiful hairstyle in the shape of a face
To make a woman look impressive, everything should match: attire, make-up, hair. Before a haircut, you need to decide on its style and, sticking to the shape of your face, make a choice.

The main types of face:

• an oval;

• Rectangle;

• a circle;

• triangle;

• Trapezium;

• Square.

Oval face

It is combined with any haircut, because it has classical proportions. The breadth of the forehead is combined with the width of the cheekbones, and the face has a height of 1,5 times its width. This type is recommended for hairstyles with curls collected at the top, open forehead.

Ideally, it will look any bangs, which you need to choose according to age and type of figure. Dwelling on the choice of jewelry and accessories, there are no limitations.

Long face

Feature – the same width of the forehead and chin. Haircuts that extend the face are not acceptable, so short hairstyles or straight long hair are considered suitable. Women with an elongated shape do not necessarily have to open their ears and forehead, because they will emphasize the flaws of the face, which is completely undesirable.

When choosing clothes, you should avoid the top with a cutout type V, collars in the form of a triangle. During the selection of jewelry, do not dwell on long versions with pendants of the same shape.

For an elongated face: • long straight bangs to the eyebrows for visual reduction; • Curly hair on the sides for rounding, where the ears are required to be closed; • Hairstyles with volumes; • short haircut, expanded and bent to the bottom; • asymmetry.

Picking clothes, it is necessary to stop on the forms of collars and cut-outs such as a circle or a semicircle. Jewelry should be combined large and voluminous.

Round face

If you have broad cheekbones and a high nose, you need to try your hair without volume. they will identify the flaws of the face, do not comb the hair back. The brow should not cover the entire forehead. No little curls and horizontal lines.

When choosing clothes, it is necessary to dwell on things that shorten the face. Suitable neck scarves, not necessarily wearing collars such as a circle and "racks", lapels. Ornaments are not recommended volumetric and short.

Suitable: • haircuts, visually extending the face; • length of hair within 20 – 25 cm; • slanting bangs with straight hair; • High hairstyles; • bangs with denticles; • curly hair; • without parting or with a side; • asymmetry.

Clothes with cutouts of type V and with no collars, but with the presence of long lapels, and decorations can be in the form of polygons.

Triangular face

To it carry a wide forehead, protruding cheekbones, a shifted chin. You can not comb the hair from the sides, because it is undesirable to isolate the flaws of the cheekbones. No short bangs and hairstyles with a high crown. In choosing clothes, special attention should be paid to cutouts and forms of collars and lapels. Do not choose lengthened jewelry.

Suitable: • when the wide part of the hairstyle is on the level of the middle of the ear; • long bangs; • average length of the hairline.

Wide forehead and cheekbones are required to cover, so the start at the top is exactly right, and in the lower part to open the chin. Clothing preferably with round cutouts and collars.

Trapezoid face

It increases in size from top to bottom, this is typical for people who have large cheeks and small eyes. Do not cut it short and open the sides, and also show the forehead and ears. It should be remembered from clothes that you do not need to wear a top with a cutout in the form of a quadrangle and scarf.

Suitable: • haircut on face shape in inverted form; • "cap" covering part of the head to the middle of the ears; • a wave for fine hair; • shortened haircuts, square. The main condition – the fluff around the face, that is, voluminous hair.

Square face

The presence of a broad lower jaw with a forehead is inherent in this type of person whose width may be the same. Do not recommend thick bangs, the presence of symmetry, combing or straight hair. Do not choose the top of the clothes with quadrangular notches.

Ideally, an incorrect (asymmetric) haircut or bangs. Maximally profitable curvy, voluminous or airy.

In the case when you are sketchy and tall, hair of medium length looks straight or wavy. It is possible to add a thinning to the billet. It is not recommended to do waving or chemistry.

With a miniature figure, haircuts with an average hair length of layers or fillets are suitable. Do not fit too short or long, pigtails, tails or braids.

Most girls have a sports figure, so you can experiment.

Choosing a hairstyle or a haircut depends on a large number of factors, so you need to carefully determine the shape of your face, your preferences, the type of figure, and then boldly go to the hairdresser. Be sure to listen to the advice of a specialist, and then get a haircut, because not always what we want to see on the head, will suit our type of person.

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