How to choose a beard. What is right for you

How to choose a beard. What is right for you
Beard in the folk tradition is the embodiment of vitality, a sign of masculinity and fertility. Kings and heroes of different countries and times have always been represented with mustaches and beards. Today to wear beard, it is not necessary to be a celebrity. However, to use it to emphasize the dignity of the appearance, and not to spoil it, it is important to choose the right type of beard.

Чтобы безошибочно выбрать for the beard a suitable form, learn the features of your face. Pay special attention to the cheekbones and mouth size. Looking in the mirror, determine how these details will be combined with the imaginary beard.

Stop shaving and after two or three weeks, again, examine the features of your face and character роста волос. Заметьте, где они растут лучше всего. Возможно, волосы даже не доходят до подбородка или, наоборот, в основном сосредотачиваются на нем.

Mentally draw up sketches of a future beard. If you decide to wear a wide beard, you can shave off the hair on the neck and upper cheeks. The beard, shaved shorter than the chin line, will work if you have a round face. So visually it will become hudae. Этот же эффект сможет создать «козлиная» бородка, предполагающая наличие волос вокруг рта и их отсутствие на щеках. Также можно попробовать отпустить ее, если на щеках волосы растут плохо.

With a bundle of beard and mustache and good hair growth, you can afford a full beard. Trapezoid beard with medium-sized mustache visually lengthens the face. For an elongated face, beard-forging is more suitable, but in no case is a goatee or goatee.

In addition to the shape of the face, pay attention to its color and your height. Tall, fluffy beards are suitable for tall, short stature is worth craving for minimalism. If you have dark hair and light skin, choose compact beards by shaving your hair on your cheeks. If you are the owner of light hair – you can safely wear a wide beard.

Having decided with the style of the beard, let the hair grow until they cover all the exposed areas on the face. And, in spite of general recommendations, strive for individuality. Try different forms, choosing the one that will be able to emphasize the beauty of the beard itself and transform the image component of your appearance.

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