How to change yourself in 40 years

How to change yourself in 40 years
If by the age of forty you have accumulated a load of excess weight, mental problems and fatigue, it's time to change something urgently. Remember yourself in 25-year-old or at least 30-year-old age. Do you want to return those feelings? This is possible, if well to try.

You will need
  • – Personal diary;
  • – subscription to the fitness center and swimming pool;
  • – a new wardrobe;
  • – beauty saloon;
  • – healthy eating;
  • – rejection of bad habits;
  • – консультации врача;
  • – self-analysis
Start by analyzing the reasons for all your problems. Create a diary in which you will record all the stages of transformation into a new person. Answer as honestly as possible questions: Do you like your work? Does everything suit you in your personal life? What mood is familiar to you? Why is this, and not otherwise, your life scenario? Perhaps you just go on the wrong path, chosen not by the call of the soul, but on the advice of parents or friends, or, worse still, trying to prove something to someone.

Appreciate your appearance: write down in the diary on the items that you would like to change, for example: grow thin on 10 kg, get rid of facial wrinkles, change your hair, update your wardrobe, etc. Develop a consistent tactics for all these tasks. Opposite each item, write how you will achieve your goal. For example: lose weight – classes at the fitness center 3 once a week, low-calorie diet, swimming pool visits – 3 times a week, etc.

Analyze your physical well-being, write down in the diary those symptoms that concern you, opposite them indicate the time and date of the planned visit to the doctor. In addition, you can specify those folk remedies that you will use to treat a particular disease (after consulting a doctor).

Understand your psycho-emotional state, list in the diary those negative emotions that you often experience, for example: anger, envy, resentment, fear, etc. Opposite each of them, describe the situations in which they manifest themselves. Choose measures to combat them.

После того как вы подобным тщательным образом проанализируете имеющиеся у вас проблемы, «разложите их по полочкам», подберете наиболее подходящие для вас способы их решения и будете неукоснительно их выполнять, в скором времени все пойдет на лад. Укрепится ваше здоровье, как физическое, так и душевное, а значит, вернется и красота, как внутренняя, так и внешняя.

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