How to change your appearance

How to change your appearance
If you are an adult woman and want to look younger and fresh, which is quite natural, you can do it with simple improvised means, without resorting to radical measures. The only "but" that is in this issue is a sense of proportion. The main thing is not to overdo it. Here are some tips on this topic.

You will need
  • For the noble cause of maintaining beauty, you do not need very much: creams, decorative cosmetics, some vegetables, and going to the hairdresser.
Skin is the first and main component of female beauty. From the fact in which it is, how fresh and young it looks, depends how much is younger and you will look fresh.
Young skin glows, shines, you know it yourself. How to achieve this effect?
Take for the rule of using a tonal base for make-up with light-reflecting particles. This way you will achieve several effects at once: the skin will look younger, and wrinkles and other minor flaws will become less noticeable.
If your tonal foundation it will also have the effect of lifting, it will be generally wonderful.

Eyes, namely, circles under eyes. This problem makes people older than many, even young ones girls. The reasons for this problem can be different. This is a chronic lack of sleep, and a violation of blood circulation in the eye area, problems with the kidneys, and even hemorrhoids.
If you are in good health, sleep off and try the simplest and most effective folk remedy for eliminating the circles under the eyes. Take a fresh cucumber, grate it on a grater, wrap it in gauze, and make such cucumber compresses under the eyes.
Cucumber juice perfectly refreshes and brightens the delicate skin under the eyes. Do this procedure regularly, and you will see how much you are transformed and become look younger.
In case of emergency, you can use special clarifying pencils.

Cheeks – fresh and ruddy. Remember, as a fairy tale "Frosty" loving mila rubbed her beak cheek to her ugly daughter and sentenced "princess, no – royal!". Remember, and do not do so.
If you are not 18 years old, do not get used to using very bright blush, but if you do not 60 – do not get carried away by the beige-brown range. Pink and peach – these are your primary colors of blush to look younger and more attractive.

Губы – бантиком, пухлые и сексуальные.
If your lips dry and crack, in the first place – it's a lack of vitamin B. Pay attention to this – for a woman's body this vitamin is extremely necessary and useful.
And to visually make the lips Bole chubby and sexy, use lipstick of pink shades, light, with the effect of mother-of-pearl or lip gloss.

Hair is shiny and healthy. Vitamin B is also responsible for the health and beauty of our hair. Take vitamins for yourself with a pleasant morning ritual, and you will notice how the structure and appearance of your hair will improve.
Для того, чтобы визуально выглядеть моложе, не сооружайте у себя on the head сложных причесок. Отдайте предпочтение простым прическам, свободно струящимся локонам и цвету, приближенному к естественному.

Go to a good hairdresser, together you can pick up an image that you can easily maintain yourself, and which will make you younger.

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