How to change the nose

How to change the nose
Dissatisfaction with the shape of your nose is a common problem among girls and women, but it does not mean that you should go to a plastic surgeon. Using tricks and tricks in choosing the right hairstyle and makeup, you can visually change the nose shape and hide its shortcomings without surgery.

The key element of your face on which the visual perception of the rest of its parts depends is the eyebrows. A neat bend eyebrows Average thickness will balance the features of your face and smooth out the impression of too large a nose.

Also, a large nose can be made smaller, if you focus on the eyes – beautiful noticeable eyebrows, make a bright and deep makeup Eye, which increases visually their shape.

Lipstick, increasing the volume of the lips, can also reduce the size of your nose.

If you have too large a nose – do volume haircuts and curvy hairstyles. It is best to have hair middle length, but if you have a short haircut – accent the volume at the back of the head to distract attention from the size of the nose and emphasize the dignity of the lush volos.

Smoothen the size and shape of the nose helps the lack of a bang and hairstyle, combed back – a short oblique or on the contrary even and magnificent "French" bang will reduce the size of the face due to the concealment of the forehead, and therefore visually increase your nose. If you really want to have a hairdo With a bang, choose the most rare and short version, or comb your bangs on one side.

To correct the shape of the nose, use makeup in tonal means of three different shades – the natural color of your skin, a little darker and slightly lighter. Apply a lighter shade on the back and bridge of the nose nose, and more dark – on the wings and sides of the nose.

Perfect the boundaries between shades using a wet sponge.

A competent make-up will help to shift the accent from the nose to other parts of the face, as well as obscure the wings of the nose, highlighting its middle part, and thereby reducing it.

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