How to change the image every day

How to change the image every day
The desire to change your style is understandable. Sometimes you want to make changes all the time, adding a zest to every image. You can look in different ways every day in several ways.

You will need
  • Clothing, cosmetics, accessories

Clothing is the key to both cardinal and small changes in the image. To look updated, it is enough to change combinations of things. The basis for this is jeans as a popular wardrobe item. Having three pairs, you can change the image every day. So, free blue jeans with sneakers and a bright T-shirt will make you a representative of the urban style, and tight jeans with a tunic will give femininity.

Now girls rarely wear dresses. This omission, because it is different dresses can radically change your appearance. Business black is suitable for work, and a light cocktail will be ideal for meeting friends. Shoes should not only be of high quality, but also of different styles. You should have sneakers, elegant shoes, high boots. Shoe change can dramatically change the overall picture.


Daily make-up can be modified depending on the mood. A natural makeup can accentuate your eyes. Draw the vintage arrows, and the image will immediately become brighter and more interesting. Bright lips and eyes, underlined only with mascara, will create a completely different image. Makeup details can change the image every day.


The importance of such image details as bags, belts and ornaments is often underestimated. Elegant handbag is universal, but you should bring a canvas bag in the style of a hippie, as the image changes entirely. Ornaments can make even the most faded clothes stylish. Bright costume jewelry becomes an indispensable detail for any girl. Changing bracelets and chains every day, you will feel refreshed.


To change the image every day, you need to pay attention to details such as hair. If in one day you come to work with a ponytail, in the second with straight loose hair, and on the third curls, then these changes will be noticed by everyone around. Unusual hairstyles will help you change the image. Even with a square, you can experiment with stamping bangs, ringlets, rims.

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