How to change the color of hair using Photoshop

How to change the color of hair using Photoshop
Color volos in photos can vary due to the lighting features. The neighborhood of brightly colored objects, in turn, can give a light and change the color volos. In addition, there are situations when the model wants to experiment and see itself with volosof a different color. To do this with help Photoshop, there are a number of effects and tricks, which are applied by photo artists.

You will need
  • Photo, computer program Adobe Photoshop
Для работы следует открыть нужную фотографию в Photoshop и найти окошко со слоями. Внизу окошка необходимо кликнуть мышью иконку New adjusment layer. Откроется меню, в котором следует select Hue/Saturation. Поставив галку на Colorized, надо выбрать нужный цвет volos. It's possible do, перетащив ползунок Hue влево/вправо. При этом фотография полностью поменяет цвет. Не стоит этого пугаться. В дальнейщем все это можно скорректировать. Это лишь первый шаг.
Apply the Colorized option and change the color of <b> hair </ b> to the desired side

The next step is to fill in the Hue / Saturation black цветом. Чтобы это сделать следует применить комбинацию клавиш Ctrl + Backspace (Win) / Command + Delete (Mac). Корректирующий слой заполняется черным цветом, а выбранный нами цвет temporarily disappears.
The correction layer is filled with black color

Now you should return the color to which you want to change the original color. To do this, you must select in the menu tools a brush and a white color. Now you need to draw white with a brush on the correction layer, and the layer of the selected color. When finished, press and return to 100% Ctrl + Alt + 0 (Win) / Command + Option + 0 (Mac).
Drawing white on the corrective layer

Теперь следует сменить в слоях режим с Normal на Color, для improvements result. The result, indeed, has become much better. Added natural glare, volosYou seemed to come to life.
Change Normal to Color

To experiment with the hue, you should select the Soft ligth mode, all in the same layers. The result will be stunning. Hair, changing the tone, will become irresistible.
Soft Light Mode

Experiments with color do not end there. Because the "layered" version is saved, you can change colors in different directions. To do this, you just drag the slider in the Hue / Surationtion adjustment layer
Experiments with color

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