How to cast shadows

How to cast shadows
Ability to impose correctly shadow – a pledge of stylish and effective make-up. No strictly fixed rules for applying shadows like "to start from light – to end with dark", in essence, no. There are a number of different techniques and stereotypes. However, it is still necessary to know some technical nuances.

You will need
  • shadows, brushes, eyeliner, highlighter, make-up base, tone, loose powder.
To begin with, before applying makeup, use a make-up base to make it smooth and matte and make the makeup last longer. Then apply a base tone to the eyelid. Apply Dark shadow on the outer corner of the eye and shade in the direction you need. After that, apply additional tones. The area under the eyebrow is brightened with frosted shadows of a solid shade. Do not use the sponge from the shadow shadows, but get some special brushes for applying shadows and eyeliner.

Если вы хотите добиться эффекта smokey eyes, начните макияж с контурного карандаша. Прорисуйте контуры по линии ресниц верхнего и нижнего века, растушуйте ватной палочкой. Затем возьмите мягкую кисть и растушуйте shadow over the entire surface of the mobile age. Pay attention also to the fold between the mobile and the upper eyelid. Bring the inner eyelid with the cayal and finish the makeup with mascara.

Now the trend is bright colored shadow. But to not look vulgar, use only one color. No gradients and contrasts. Apply color shadow на подвижное веко так, чтобы получилась миндалевидная форма. Завершите макияж подводкой (желательно жидкой).

A special mention is the technique of imposing shadows on the impending eyelid. Someone has a top the eyelid is lowered с возрастом, кто-то обладает тяжелыми веками с рождения. Так или иначе, наносить shadow on them – a special art. Apply shadow, without closing his eyes. Mark with dark shadows or pencil the bottom edge of the "hood" (overhanging the upper eyelid). Draw the outline in the direction up and blend it. Apply matte shadow a lighter shade along the upper border of the feathering of dark shadows. The brightest shadow apply under an eyebrow. Feather shadow more carefully to get gradation from dark to light. On the mobile eyelid, apply light shadow. On the outer corner of the eye, apply the darkest tone, and along the line of growth of the lashes of the lower eyelid, create a penumbra and connect it to the outer corner.

If you are using shadow for podvodki instead of a pencil or ailaynera, then impose them with a thin brush. Wet brush or dry – is not important.

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