How to carry out mechanical cleaning of the face at home?

How to carry out mechanical cleaning of the face at home?
Almost everyone knows about the need for regular cleansing. And it needs to be done not only with the help of scrubs and special means, it is a deeper, mechanical cleansing. Some people prefer to perform this procedure with professionals, while others prefer to do it themselves at home. In fact, manual mechanical cleaning of the face is quite easy to do in a comfortable home environment. Regular execution of the procedure in combination with observance of the basic rules of its implementation will significantly improve the condition of any, even the most problematic skin.

Making the procedure in Home conditions, it is very important to follow all recommendations at every stage, it is quite traumatic for the skin. Failure to comply with any fine points can have serious consequences. And, on the contrary, exact adherence to all the rules will help to bring the skin into an excellent condition, tk. cells will be cleaned of accumulated contaminants.

First, chop your hair, so that they do not interfere with you. Wash the face thoroughly with a cleansing gel, and then clean the skin with a scrub. Next, you need to make a steam bath. For this, in 2 liters of boiling water, brew 2-3 st.l. medicinal herbs.

For oily skin horsetail and chamomile are good, and for dry and sensitive – wormwood, rosemary and yarrow.

Pour the broth into a wide basin and tilt the head over it, covering it with a terry towel so that the steam does not come out from under the towel. You need to steam your face for 10 minutes. After that, wash your hands well, disinfect them with alcohol. Face wipe with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Then, without touching the skin with your fingernails, with the small pads of your index fingers, remove all black dots, each time scratching the skin with hydrogen peroxide. After the procedure, wipe the skin with alcohol-containing lotion – this will help narrow the pores.

After cleaning for three days you can not use makeup.

Mechanical cleaning of the face can be attributed to the classical procedures in modern cosmetology, in the conduct of which a rich experience is accumulated. Therefore, you can do it without fear of any complications. In addition, it is a superficial skin cleansing that does not affect the inner layers of the epidermis. It is shown in the presence of black dots, acne, small pimples, deterioration of complexion, and also with increased skin fatness. The traumatic nature of this method of cleaning prohibits it from being used in various infectious diseases of the skin, allergies, dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, dry and sensitive skin, furunculosis, tendency to keloid scars, large moles, and also during menstruation. With bronchial asthma and vegeto-vascular dystonia, the procedure is performed without preliminary skinning.

Accurate compliance with the instructions will provide you with excellent results. The skin will become muchfter to the touch, due to the fact that the upper layer will be refreshed, its blood circulation will improve, the process of cellular respiration normalizes, black spots will disappear, various kinds of inflammation and acne on the face will become much smaller, the pores will narrow, the thick glossy film will be destroyed, and the complexion will become even and healthy.

Mechanical cleaning for regular and high-quality skin cleansing in the home conditions is the most optimal option. Beauty salons are not available to everyone, and at least once a month to devote a couple of hours to their skin can almost every woman.

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