How to carry out anti-stress therapy for the skin at home

How to carry out anti-stress therapy for the skin at home
With the advent of the cold season, our skin experiences additional stress. A sharp cold snap, wind, damp, snow and frost bring their gloomy strokes into the state of the body as a whole and the skin especially. That is why in the autumn-winter period, she needs a special anti-stress care, which will preserve her health and beauty.

During the summer our body gets used to a certain temperature regime, while in the autumn the weather often changes very rapidly. What the skin will experience with a sudden change in temperature, it may erroneously seem insignificant. In fact, a decrease in protective functions, loss of moisture, a violation of the lipid barrier of the epidermis are just a few of the problems that begin in the fall period and accumulate in the winter.

Не стоит забывать и о ряде последствий воздействия летнего солнца. Если вы злоупотребляли загаром и пренебрегали солнцезащитными средствами, то повышенная сухость, мелкие морщинки и пигментные пятна наверняка проявятся уже ранней осенью.

The heating season in residential areas exacerbates the situation even more, reducing the level of air humidity to a critical level. The combination of all the factors typical for the cold season, will necessarily affect the condition of your skin: you will begin to feel tight, see small rashes, redness, flaking.

To reflect in the mirror continued to please, despite all the unfavorable conditions of autumn and winter, a number of additional measures should be taken. Start with the basics, which are especially relevant when changing seasons. Drink more water, try to sleep, maintain physical activity, watch the diet. Put a humidifier at home and ventilate the rooms more often. If you have to stay out in the street for a long time in bad weather, be sure to wear a hat and try to cover at least part of the face with a scarf or handkerchief.

However, these basic measures may not be enough. In autumn and winter, skin simply needs special care, which can completely neutralize the impact of negative seasonal factors. But do not think that for the care of some complicated procedures. In most cases, only one line of cosmetics is sufficient, which in the shortest time will provide the skin with real anti-stress therapy.

For many years on the Russian cosmetic market the absolute leader in this segment is the brand KORA. The effect of using KORA products is often compared with the effect of expensive salon procedures, which allows brand cosmetics to compete with professional lines.

One of KORA's flagship products is крем Антистресс, which is suitable for all skin types and is ideal for care in the autumn-winter period. This tool conquered famous beauty bloggers and became an obligatory seasonal purchase for thousands of Russian women.

Прежде всего, этот крем по-настоящему универсален. Он идеально подходит для любого возраста (начиная с 25 лет) и одинаково работает на коже любого типа. Кроме того, у средства нет противопоказаний, а риск возникновения аллергических реакций сведен к минимуму. Все дело в уникальном составе крема Антистресс. Среди его активных ингредиентов – комплекс натуральных полисахаридов, витамин С, растительные экстракты из босвеллии, липы, граната, сока алоэ вера. Масла сои, авокадо и карите оказывают мощное увлажняющее действие и помогают восстановить защитные функции кожи.

The main advantage of the anti-stress cream from KORA is its instant action. Even a single use of this remedy helps to eliminate the main signs of stress: irritation, peeling and dullness of the skin. Of course, the product has a cumulative effect and, with regular use, truly transforms the skin.

Most of all during adverse weather conditions, sufferers suffer чувствительной кожи. В данном случае к выбору косметики предъявляются особые требования: она не должна содержать спирт, тяжелые масла, комедогенные составляющие, кислоты и потенциальные аллергены. Этим требованиям полностью удовлетворяет еще один популярнейший продукт от KORA – Крем капилляропротектор, which is ideal for thin, sensitive to external skin irritants. In just a few applications, this product makes the face tone more uniform and soothes the skin. However, the most noticeable effect of using Capillaroprotective Cream is associated with couperose therapy. After a few weeks of regular use of this product, you can forget about bursting capillaries, which look extremely unaesthetic on the face. Active ingredients of the cream help to eliminate the problem: rutin, green tea extracts, ginkgo biloba.

The finishing touch of care in the autumn-winter period may be Cream antioxidant forte. This remedy is a truly effective cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants that provide youthfulness of the skin. Cream not only helps to fight the impact of external negative factors, but also launches the most important processes to combat age-related changes. For this is the active complex of bioflavonoids, which neutralizes the effect of free radicals, which are the main cause of aging of our skin.