How to care for your hair using birch bark

How to care for your hair using birch bark
The bark of the white-birch birch was highly valued by our ancestors for their unique healing properties. The revival of the Slavic traditions allows you to prepare care products from birch bark, which is not inferior to industrial cosmetics.

You will need
  • – birch bark (outer layer of birch bark);
  • – lemon juice or citric acid;
  • – alcohol (vodka)
For the manufacture of natural, healing cosmetics, gently caring for the hair, a few handfuls of birch bark are needed. It is best to collect it in the places of accumulation of birch-birches that have fallen down by the wind and bad weather – this birch bark easily separates from the trunk, the bark of fallen, healthy trees does not lose its useful properties, the collection does not cause harm wood and nature as a whole.

If the hair grows poorly, the scalp is prone to irritation, itching, then basta infusion can solve this problem. For this 2-3 tablespoons of finely chopped birch bark are poured with a glass of boiling water, insist for about half an hour, cool and carefully filter. Then add a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice or, as an extreme option, a pinch of citric acid to the birch bark infusion. Infusion is rubbed into damp clean hair regularly, after each washing of the head. The agent does not require flushing.

To strengthen damaged, weak or tired hair, as well as for toning them in a light chestnut shade, it is recommended to use a rich birch bark conditioner, prepared from four tablespoons of sliced ??bark and a glass of boiling water. The drug should be infused for at least two hours, after which it is cooled and well filtered liquid rinsed hair after washing. Rinser has a cumulative effect – the more often it is used, the more pronounced the effect of toning. In addition, the infusion stimulates hair growth, gives them a natural shine and smoothness.

Birch bark tincture regulates the work of sebaceous glands of the scalp, fights dandruff, strengthens weakened and damaged hair, styling and curling hair. For its preparation, a glass of birch bark cut into pieces is poured with one liter of soft, high-quality vodka or diluted alcohol, insisted for 3 weeks in a dark place, filtered. Birch bark tincture is rubbed into the roots of the hair with cautious and gentle massaging movements, left to act for 15-20 minutes, rinse with either running water or a rinse aid made of birch leaves, kidneys or bark.

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