How to care for your hair in spring

How to care for your hair in spring
Care topic hair is especially relevant spring, because seasonal vitamin deficiency affects their appearance. So that after getting rid of the headdresses, the hairstyle looks spectacular, you need to look after yourself more carefully.

Постарайтесь максимально сократить использование фена, утюжка для волос или стайлера. Все эти нагревательные приборы дополнительно сушат кожу головы и саму структуру волоса.

Discard staining at least for a while. Even the most high-quality and expensive paint further injures the hair, which already need moisturizing and nourishing.

Use as a conditioner not balsams based on chemical components, and natural herbal decoctions. With their help hair spring приобретут здоровый блеск.

Посетите парикмахера. Даже если хочется к лету обзавестись роскошными и длинными локонами, правильный уход за hair невозможен без регулярной стрижки. Именно она позволяет сохранить кончики волос целыми.

To find healthy hair, use masks appropriate to a particular type of hair on a regular basis. A universal recipe can be considered a mixture of egg yolk, a tablespoon of cognac and the same amount of honey. It is best to carry out intensive care masks in a complex, alternating formulations every day for two weeks. In this case, the effect will be visible.

Comb the hair correctly using combs with sparse prongs, and do not injure the hair until it dries completely.

Regularly massage the scalp – this will help improve blood circulation in the area of ??hair follicles. Thanks to this nutrition of the hair will improve and they will become more healthy. To do this, you can use sea salt, massage with which further cleanses the scalp.

Replace tap water for washing your head with a decoction of herbs or pre-boil it. So it becomes less harmful to the hair.

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