How to care for wigs from natural hair

How to care for wigs from natural hair
Currently, wigs are very popular among the fairer sex. And it's no accident. A well-chosen product can diversify your image, create a new hairstyle with the desired length, color and texture. However, keeping the wig in good condition is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

Care for wigs made from natural hair is similar to caring for your own hair. First, to maintain the life of such products, only high-quality detergents and other care products should be used, as well as taking care of the thing itself.

Before washing the wig, gently comb the hair, starting from their tips and gradually moving to the roots. Avoid contact with the base of the product. Remove all nodules.

Wash the wig in water at room temperature without making sharp and vigorous movements. The greatest emphasis in doing this on the occiput and forehead, because these places are more prone to pollution than others.

To preserve the life of natural hair and give them a natural look and silkiness, use only quality and proven balms. Rinse the wig with cold water, watering it in the direction from the roots of the hair to their tips.

Dry the wig in a special way. Wrap the damp product in a dry towel and gently squeeze until it dries completely. Do not try to speed up the process of drying things by placing it near heat sources. This can lead to a change in the shape of the wig and hair loss.

The dried product should be gently shaken and combed in the above manner. Do not comb wet or damp hair.

Often there are situations where woman парик может не подойти в своем первоначальном виде, или она желает немного подкорректировать длину отдельных прядей. В таком случае необходимо обратиться к своему парикмахеру для изменения стиля прически.

For prolonged storage of the wig, it is better to use the box or bag in which you purchased the product. In this case, the wig must be necessarily dry. For short-term maintenance and preservation of the form it is recommended to use special holders for wigs.

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