How to care for the skin in the frost

How to care for the skin in the frost
The winter period means not only the restructuring of the body, but also problems with the skin. Temperature changes, lack of vitamins, general weakness, depression, the atmosphere inside the house – all this affects the internal and external state. How to care for the skin in frost, are there inexpensive but effective methods?

Almost every woman has faced such problems as dryness, peeling or inflammation of the skin on her face. But what about the feeling of incessant itching and sensation that the skin on your face is about to crack? The cold and lack of vitamins do their job. In beauty parlors, the shelves are clogged with creams and nourishing masks, but not every remedy has a positive effect, and sometimes it only gets worse.

How to choose a protective cream

The cream should correspond to the type of skin that can be easily identified with a napkin: lie on the sofa, attach a napkin to a clean face (without make-up), squeeze and spread it with your fingers across all areas – forehead, nose, chin. After 5-10 minutes, inspect the napkin: if there are wet spots, then your skin type is fat. Most often there is a combined type – fat spots on the forehead, chin, and dry on the cheeks or nose.

In winter, the skin often changes – fatty becomes mixed, and normal – dry. For a fatty skin type, do not take too heavy, oil cream, stop the choice on nutritional humidification. Pay attention to the composition, which should be: caffeine, retinol, salicylic acid, benzoyl.

Moisturizers after absorption can only do harm, if you go out on a frosty morning, all moisture evaporates under the influence of cold, and instead of moistening you will get dry, besides, the moisture in the pores on the street freezes and begins to destroy the cells.

For dry skin, nutritious mixtures suitable for chitosan, ceramides, oils or hyaluronic acid are suitable: after application, a protective film is formed on the surface of the epithelium, which does not allow moisture to evaporate in the frost. Use these funds need for 1,5 hours before you leave the apartment.

The temperature inside the house has an unfavorable effect on the skin condition. A sudden change in weather conditions – from cold to heat, can lead to the formation of couperose or acne.

Advice – do not use alcohol lotions and soap before the onset of spring. Wipe your face with a cucumber tonic, milk or aloe juice.

Most of the winter skin care products contain glycerin, which can create a protective film that absorbs moisture from natural conditions. If the air is overdried, such protection will be useless, and skin cells, on the contrary, will give up their fluid reserves. Conclusion – do not buy glycerin.

What vitamins should prevail in the cream:

  • Е;
  • WITH;
  • K (if there are vascular asterisks).

Before you go outside, use cosmetics – it will create additional protection from the cold. In a foundation, you can add a drop of moisturizer (before each application, if the skin is dry). Use thermal water for rinsing (three times a day, if you have a day off, and you are not going anywhere). Do not forget about massage with your fingers, improve circulation and disperse blood with light, massage pats, while distributing the remedy on problem areas. Use a biweekly scrub to exfoliate the dead cells. Before using, build a steam bath: pour boiling water into the ladle, add there dry leaves of chamomile, cover the head with a towel and sit over the steam 10-15 minutes. After a pair of procedures, the scrub will more deeply purify the pores and remove the dead cells.


Mix the dry yeast (10 g) with kefir (10 g) and sour milk (10 g). Distribute the mass on the face, wash it off in 15-20 minutes.

Whisk with a whisk of 1 chicken egg (yolk), mix with 1 tsp. honey. Hold the gruel on face 15 minutes, rinse.

2 tbsp. mix olive oil with 2 tbsp. buckwheat honey, distribute on the skin, rinse through 15-20 minutes.

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