How to care for the skin? Fundamental rules

How to care for the skin? Fundamental rules
Important moments in skin care: moisturizing and nourishing, cleansing and maintaining elasticity. With the latter, regular exercise and proper nutrition are good. But with the first points you will help a beautician in a good beauty salon, or you yourself at home.

Очищение или чистка лица и тела делается с помощью пилинга. Для этого используют различные маски и скрабы. Чистка способствует очищению пор,  улучшению цвета лица, убирает шелушения, кожа становится нежной и гладкой. Также пилинг обладает эффектом лифтинга и уменьшает мелкие морщинки.

After the procedure, the skin should be moistened. To do this, use a cream or mask with moisturizing ingredients. Since the skin has cleared from the upper "old" layer, the active substances penetrate the epidermis faster and easier.

But here the main thing to remember is that you need to use the means that are suitable for your skin type. Moreover, the skin can change during the year. In winter it becomes drier, and in summer it is fatter. Anti-aging creams, for example, are not at all suitable for young skin, since they are designed specifically for the processes occurring in mature skin. And the young can only do much harm. Especially carefully choose the means for sensitive skin due to a possible allergic reaction.

Wrinkles are a major upset for all women. They appear not only with age, but also depend on the way of life. If you constantly experience stress, smoke, wrinkles will appear quite quickly. In addition, on dry skin, wrinkles can appear earlier than on greasy skin.

Fight wrinkles can be with moisturizing creams and masks containing hyaluronic acid. Natural cosmetic oils, such as apricot or peach seed oil, are also good. But with mimic wrinkles to cope is much more difficult. Only a professional cosmetologist can help.

Massage is an important part of skin care. This is a very pleasant and useful procedure. Massage helps improve blood circulation and metabolism, strengthens muscles and allows the skin to remain elastic and supple. Massage benefits not only the body, but also the face. It is better to do it every day for 10-15 minutes in the morning or evening. When a facial massage is used, an agent suitable for the skin type. For oily skin – gel, for dry – cream or oil, any tool is suitable for normal. It is important to massage gently and slowly, in no case stretching the skin.

Caring for the body is not only necessary, but also a pleasant lesson. If you are not lazy and take care of your body and face every day, you will get a radiant, beautiful complexion and elastic, healthy skin.

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