How to care for the lips (6 tips)

How to care for the lips (6 tips)
Worried about scaly, cracked skin on the lips? This trouble is familiar to almost everyone. And if on such lips also decorative lipstick is put – the sight leaves rather unpleasant.

Thin and delicate skin of the lips needs daily care. It's enough to follow simple rules, so that your lips are always well-groomed.

Clean your lips before going to bed. During the day a lot of dust and dirt settle on the skin of the lips. It is undesirable to use soap to cleanse the lips, you need to use a mild cleanser (for example, an agent for the eyes). For cleansing, apply the remedy on a cotton swab or sponge, then with gentle movements remove from the lips the remains of lipstick, dust and dirt.

To the lips always were soft, use exfoliating peeling. But remember that the peeling should be delicate, you can not use peeling, intended for the skin of the face. The lip peelings may include: shea butter, sugar crystals, vitamin C, etc.

Lips also need nutrition. Use several times a week lip mask. You can use home masks, for example, natural honey. Apply honey on your lips, and after a few minutes, lick it with your tongue. Delicious use for the lips and health.

Protect your lips from the negative effects of the environment. Buying lipstick, give preference to the one that has a sunscreen factor. Use moisturizing balms for the lips with vitamins E, B, various oils. Humidified lips always look more spacious and well-groomed.

To give lip volume, use lipsticks that contain substances that improve blood circulation: cinnamon, pepper, ginger. And to smooth small wrinkles help lipstick with collagen.

Before going to bed, massage your sponges, so you will improve their circulation, and at the same time, nutrition. You can massage with a soft toothbrush. The skin of the lips after such a massage will become soft, and the flow of blood will give the effect of volume.

Такие ухоженные губы непременно захочется поцеловать.

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