How to care for the cuticle

How to care for the cuticle
A perfect manicure can not be created if there is no comprehensive care for the cuticle. Which approach is better – radical measures to remove or soft care for the cuticle?


What is the cuticle

Many believe that the cuticle is an annoying and unnecessary fold of the skin around the nail. But this is not so! Cuticle is the natural defense of new keratin cells, from which the nails consist. It covers the soft layer of the "young" nail, which has not yet grown stronger. If you wrongly cut this protection, then you can not only spoil your nails, but also completely lose them!

Cuticle is alive and lifeless. The first tightly adheres to the surface of the nail at its base and serves to protect it. She needs constant care and additional support and nutrition from outside. The second is the "cut off" cuticle. That's it, and you need to regularly delete it.

For home care for the nail protector in the "arsenal" of each lady should be:

· Oil in a pencil tube,

· Mild antiseptic,

· Forceps and scapula for removing dead skin,

· nailfile.

How to remove the cuticle correctly

There are several ways to remove the cuticle. Each of them is good in its own way, but it is impossible to use the method blindly to a mother, sister or girlfriend. Choose your own, the only way to remove the cuticle is by sampling and in accordance with your skin type and nail characteristics.

Hardware method

During this procedure, the dead layer of keratinized cuticle cells is grinded with a special machine. Removal of old cells occurs gently, a living cuticle is not damaged and the damage to the nail plate is minimized. But if the procedure is carried out by an amateur, then the risk of damage to both the protective layer of the skin and the base of the nail is great. Trust your hands only with a qualified technician.

Trimming method

This method is the oldest and most tested, but also the most dangerous. During the procedure, it is easy to damage or infect both the skin and the nail plate. Circumcision is an aggressive action and a new skin that grows in place of the cut, usually denser and coarser, it often cracks and grows much faster. To prevent such consequences, before the procedure, it is necessary to steam the cuticle well and treat it with special means – moisturizing creams or oils, and after circumcision – with an antiseptic and nutritious cream for the cuticle.

Unedged timber

In order to use this method of removing the cuticle, it is necessary to take care of it regularly, to do massage using softening oils and creams. During the procedure, steamed and softened with a special cuticle remover is carefully moved with an orange stick to the base of the nail. This can be done only when the skin of the hands is absolutely dry. After manipulations on the cuticle, a moisturizing nutrient corresponding to the skin type of the hands is necessarily applied.

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