How to care for sensitive skin

How to care for sensitive skin
Sensitive skin reacts instantly to any irritations – temperature fluctuations, components of decorative and caring cosmetics, hormonal and other disorders, etc. This type of skin requires special care, creating favorable conditions for reducing the likelihood of irritation.

Cleansing should be gentle. For washing, do not use chlorinated water, it dries heavily and tightens the skin, causing allergic reactions. For these purposes, it is ideal to use spring, mineral or purified water. Remove makeup should be a mild cleansing milk, and tonic compounds should not contain alcohol and active acids.

Choose the right nutrients and moisturizers. Do not get carried away with creams with herbal extracts – many of them are the strongest irritants. Choose hypoallergenic compositions with mineral components and thermal water. The simpler the composition, the better – all the intensely acting substances can cause allergies. Day cream should be used necessarily – it is protection from external influences.

Ночной крем должен быть восстанавливающим. Для ухода за чувствительной кожей идеальны ночные compositions with panthenol, allantoin, vitamins A and E. Regenerating components help to heal small wounds, create a protective layer and promote the accumulation of moisture in the cells.

Decorative cosmetics should be curative. The less money you use, the better the condition of the skin – overload with cosmetics promotes the appearance of irritations. Choose therapeutic cosmetic products with hypoallergenic properties.

Делайте маски для чувствительной кожи. Все маски должны быть питательными и увлажняющими, нежелательно использовать пленчатые и затвердевающие составы. Для домашнего ухода подойдут маски с использованием яичного желтка, молока, огурцов, абрикосов, картофеля, травяных отваров и пр.

Avoid using scrubs and aggressive peelings. The most that you can afford – the treatment of the skin with a double-sided mitten during the reception of water procedures. Any exfoliating compounds break the thin protective layer and cause inflammation of the tissues.

Try to avoid stress. Be sure to protect the sensitive skin from sunlight, frost and wind. Smoking and nervous tension exacerbate the situation, causing the appearance of wrinkles and dryness, so abandon the bad habits and use of stimulant drinks.

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