How to care for rare hair

How to care for rare hair
Most often, the volume of hair is inherited. But over time, the adverse effects of external factors, as well as improper care and chronic deficiency of vitamins can lead to their becoming less. Therefore, they need constant and careful care, and especially this requires rare hair.

In choosing a shampoo, focus on the type of hair – dry, oily or normal. Try not to use color or pearlescent cosmetic detergents, because artificial colors in their composition have an adverse effect on the scalp and the entire body, and this happens gradually and imperceptibly. Better prefer clear (gel) shampoos on herbs.

To wash your head, use boiled water (37 ° C). It is softer than the one from the tap, which contributes to the smoothness and silkiness of the strands. Wet your hair in a natural way, rather than using a hair dryer. Even at an acceptable distance, it has an adverse effect on hair follicles and in the future leads to hair loss.

Для укрепления корней волос используйте лечебные маски из сока алоэ, луковой шелухи, а также отваров трав – крапивы, березы, корней лопуха. Наносите их промокающим движением по корням волос с помощью марлевого тампона, смоченного в отваре. После этого накройте волосы пленкой и оберните полотенцем. Через 10-15 минут тщательно промойте водой.

To nourish hair, the mask of crumb of bran bread is useful. It saturates the scalp with group B vitamins and various microelements necessary for the growth, health and beauty of hair. For its application, soak 1 / 3 part of a loaf of bread in warm water until a semi-liquid gruel. Apply it on the parting of the hair. Put on a hat or cover the hair with a film and wrap it over with a towel. Leave on 30-40 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. This mask is best done on clean hair after washing. To rinse hair, use water that is acidified with lemon juice.

Also for nourishing hair, masks come from natural products. For dry hair, you can use butter, egg yolk or yogurt. For oily hair – egg white, lemon juice and yogurt. Liquid masks are applied using a gauze swab, and thicker ones – with fingers, lightly rubbing into the scalp. Do them before every hair wash.

Each time, alternate masks, because some have a strengthening effect, others are nutritious. Do not forget about the care of rare hair from the inside. Therefore, eat right, drink enough water, and also 2-3 once a year, take vitamins and minerals courses. Their deficiency leads to disruption of many body systems and to hair loss.

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