How to care for piercings

How to care for piercings
Piercing has been used since ancient times and originally served as a distinctive sign of a particular caste or clan. In the modern world, it is used in the form of an outrageous decoration, which now no one is surprised. Puncture the most diverse parts of the body: nose, lips, nipples, tongue, navel, genitals, ears. In general, anything, anything. The timing of the healing of the piercing depends on the quality and correctness of the care.

You will need
  • – preparations for piercing care.
Before carrying out the treatment of puncture sites, wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap. All types of piercings, except for punctures made in the mucous membranes, can be treated with 3% hydrogen peroxide and wipe with medical alcohol. Miramistin is also suitable for processing. If there were complications in the form of redness, crusts, use "Dioksedin", "Octenisept". These medications are prescribed by a doctor.

In addition, for the treatment of piercing, chlorhexidine is suitable as a solution and ointment: "Solcoseryl", "Bacitracin", tetracycline and lincomycin. Place puncture points abundantly with a cotton swab, remove excess wadded disk or bandage.

For piercings, made in the area of ??the mucous membranes, you need a special care. Oral cavity and area genitals treat with the help of the pharmaceutical preparation "Geksoral".

Do not try to touch к пирсингу with dirty hands. The first days of refrain from visiting the bath, sauna, pool, do not wash in a hot tub. Take a cool shower, pasting the puncture site with a bactericidal plaster. After washing, re-treat immediately.

Wear only cotton clothes that are carefully washed and ironed with a hot iron, especially if the fabric touches the puncture sites.

Immediately contact your doctor if, after taking a piercing, you have a fever, in places of puncture there is a strong reddening, swelling, purulent discharge.

With careful care and sterility in the piercing, the lobes of the ear are healed through 4-6 weeks, the eyebrows in 12 weeks, the lips 4-8 weeks, the nose 4-10 weeks, the tongue 5 months, the nipples 2 months, genitalia – 6 weeks.

Do not change jewelry yourself. If the puncture site has not yet healed, and you plan to wear another piece of jewelry, contact the master.

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