How to care for oily skin in summer

How to care for oily skin in summer
It is in the summer of the fair sex is particularly concerned about the fatty shine of the skin. In the hot season, oily skin needs special care.

Basic rules of summer care for oily skin

Of course, under the influence of ultraviolet, the sebaceous glands secrete more fat, which gives the skin a greasy shine. But nevertheless the basic rules of care for oily skin remain the same as in other seasons: purification; moisturizing; protection.

Be sure to cleanse your skin twice a day with special products that do not contain alcohol. Previously, it was believed that the best way to fat skin clean alcohol-containing products, but recently, cosmetologists are inclined to use funds without alcohol. The fact that alcohol provokes an additional allocation of sebum.

When washing, avoid hot water, because when exposed to high temperature, the fat begins to stand out more. Teach yourself to wash yourself with cool water or make a contrast shower for your face.

In the summer in your handbag must be special matting wipes, which during the day will help you quickly remove greasy shine and make up the makeup. Try to give up tonal creams – give preference to compact powder for oily skin.

Cleansing masks in the summer, the owners of oily skin need to do more often – every other day. Excellent means – clay, as it narrows the pores, absorbs fat and has a light exfoliating effect.

Folk remedies for oily skin in summer

Traditional medicine offers owners of oily skin some simple recipes that help to remove fat and help fight acne. Take a tablespoon of milk and dissolve in it a little brewer's yeast. When the mixture is infused, add lemon juice, mix thoroughly and apply on face for about 20 minutes. Rinse the mask with cool water.

To treat oily skin, you can use simple sour milk or kefir. Moisten the cotton pad in the selected product, wipe the face and rinse with cold water. A fairly simple and effective solution is the washing of coffee and salt. This procedure not only removes greasy shine, but also helps to clean the pores.

Another simple means – to wipe the face with ice. To do this, you can use frozen mineral water or herbal tea. The result of this procedure is that the pores become narrower and the complexion is improved.

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