How to care for makeup brushes

How to care for makeup brushes
Quality makeup brushes help to apply decorative cosmetics quickly and accurately. A good set of such accessories is not cheap. To ensure that the brushes have served as long as possible and have not lost their consumer qualities, they need to be carefully looked after.

You will need
  • – mild soap or shampoo;
  • – влажные салфетки;
  • – terry towel;
  • – tea tree oil;
  • chlorhexidine solution.
Before use, new brushes should be washed. Wet them with warm water, apply a drop of soft shampoo or gel, lightly rub the pile with your fingers and rinse under a stream of warm water. Dry the brushes, spread them on a thick terry towel. Pay special attention to accessories that have handles made of natural wood. From the excess moisture, they can crack, and the lacquer – crawl. Before folding the brushes to dry, thoroughly blot with a towel of lint and wipe the handles.

Brushes for shadows and eyeliner after each use, wipe with damp antibacterial napkins or cotton wool soaked in disinfectant lotion. After this procedure, pile should be dried and put away accessories on valuables in the case. The brushes that you use daily can be stored in a glass pile up. However, accessories left outdoors can become dusty.

If you do not use the tools every day, store them in cases or clean linen bags. Do not put away wet damp brushes with traces of cosmetics – the nap can deteriorate or acquire an unpleasant odor.

Аксессуары для нанесения тона, корректора, кремообразных румян, а также кисти для накладывания масок мойте после каждого употребления. Приспособления для нанесения пудры или сухих теней достаточно обрабатывать раз в неделю. В небольшой миске с теплой водой растворите шампунь, капните в раствор масло чайного дерева и тщательно промойте ворс. После обработки ополосните инструменты в проточной воде.

Before putting the brush to dry, pat the pile with a towel and give your fingers the original shape. This is especially important for flat or figuratively cropped brushes. If the pile is not leveled, after drying, it will crumble, and the make-up will lie unevenly. Dropouts or breaking hairs – an indicator of wear of the brush. Replace it by purchasing a new, high-quality model.

Applying makeup on the face with inflammation and comedones, be especially careful to clean the brushes. After the baths with shampoo soak them in a disinfectant liquid – for example, a solution of chlorhexidine, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. After the treatment, pat the pile with a towel and dry as usual.

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