How to care for eyelashes

How to care for eyelashes
Usually, care of eyelashes is reduced to applying nutritional or decorative cosmetics and evening cleansing from the carcass. Eyelash procedures for eyelashes can be started at any time of the year. But especially favorable effect on the beauty of the eyes attention to eyelashes in the autumn period. Choose the autumn or winter to care for eyelashes, not only because of suitable weather conditions – from September to November, the effect of the sun on the hairs is markedly reduced. Ahead of the cold, negatively affecting the condition of the eyelashes.

To begin to protect beauty of eyes follows in advance. The right choice of care for this part of the face will help ensure quality care, enhancing the natural beauty and attractiveness of the look.

Combing and massage of eyelashes

In order to prepare eyelashes for the upcoming winter, they should be combed in the morning and evening. This procedure stimulates корни ресниц, improves growth and makes their appearance neat.

Massage the skin around the eyes with the tapping movements of your fingers. Enough 30 seconds, and move on the upper and lower eyelids from the nose to the temples.

Oil for eyelashes

Воспользуйтесь мелкой расческой для ресниц. Смазывайте волосинки каждый день в течение хотя бы одного месяца.

Проблему ломких ресниц можно решить, смазывая их подсолнечным, персиковым, миндальным маслом. Для придания блеска воспользуйтесь пихтовым маслом, а стимулировать рост поможет касторовое масло.

Cosmetics for eyes

Тушь для ресниц несет основную нагрузку на эту часть лица. Выбирайте продукт с натуральными компонентами, обогащенный витаминами А, С, Е, провитамином В5 и ланолином.

Do not rinse the mascara with water, use a soft milk or foam to remove the mascara. Do not rub your eyes – so you will provoke a loss of eyelashes. Should not load cilia at least once a week, at the weekend from eye makeup is better to give up.

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