How to care for dry skin in the summer

How to care for dry skin in the summer
In summer, the skin, prone to dryness, is not only vulnerable to sunlight, but also to dehydration. Therefore, at this time of the year it requires additional care.

Начинайте любые процедуры по уходу за кожей лица с его очищения. Для склонной к сухости кожи необходимо выбирать наиболее щадящие средства, а именно муссы и пенки. От гелей лучше отказаться, поскольку они способствуют подсушиванию эпидермиса. Также неплохим вариантом является косметическое молочко. Очищение необходимо производить не только вечером, но и утром, поскольку ночью сальные железы также вырабатывают секрет. На первый взгляд это позволяет уменьшить шелушение и сухость, но, в то же время, он ограничивает доступ кислорода к верхним слоям эпидермиса.

Do not forget about the correct removal of moisture after washing. Do not rub your face with a towel, even if it is very soft, enough to gently blot them with excess water.

Give your skin a healthy appearance. For this, there are special tonic aids, they are made in the form of water or serum. Apply them after water procedures.

Use a moisturizer. The choice of this tool is very individual, but it is worth sticking to the two rules. First, in no case can you buy a product for oily or combination skin, it will tighten the epidermis. Secondly, it is better to give preference to a cream containing SPF – a sunscreen. The higher this value, the better the product protects the skin from the effects of rays.

Keep your skin hydrated all day long. The easiest way is regular washing, but since it is not always available, you can use the thermal water released in the form of a spray. Such a can can be carried in a bag and from time to time to splash the face.

Refuse the matting agents – powders and tonal creams, since the smallest particles absorb the moisture present on the face, and contribute to the appearance of peeling.

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