How to care for dry lips

How to care for dry lips
The skin of the lips is thin and delicate, it is exposed to external factors – snow, dust, wind, burning sun rays, and internal – harmful food, smoking, poor care. In any case, this part of the face must be taken care of. Especially carefully should take care of dry lips.

Protection from ultraviolet radiation

Lips are not so terrible cold wind and frost, like the sun's rays. After their exposure, the skin dries, cracks, flakes, and, if the situation is started, it is difficult to recover. Therefore, use lipstick and lip balm with SPF-filters, this you will prevent the process of photoaging – premature skin fading caused by exposure to ultraviolet light.

В зимнее время пользуйтесь бальзамом для губ с осторожностью. Дело в том, что бальзам содержит воск, и его замерзание при низких температурах приводит к появлению трещин на губах и чрезмерной dryness. It is better to refrain in this period from the use of balm and before going out to the street to lubricate the skin of the lips with a thin layer of any vegetable oil without fragrances (ideally – grape seed oil or shea butter).


The skin of the lips needs to be freed from the dead cells. To conduct peeling of this part of the face should be cautious and not so often (enough once in 10 days), because the skin on the lips is extremely thin and tender, and coarse particles of the composition or excessive amount of acid can not help but hurt.

The most popular product for lip skin peeling is candied honey. Just apply it and rub it in circular motions of your fingers, or rub your lips about each other for 3-5 minutes. After the procedure, there may be a sensation of heat and even a slight burning sensation – this activated blood flow, carrying oxygen to the skin cells.

For soft peeling, flax seeds and oat flakes, sugar sand, baking soda with a drop of vegetable oil, also ground in a coffee grinder, are also suitable.

Masks for lips

If you have dry skin of the lips, prone to cracking and peeling, put in daily practice moisturizing and nourishing masks for this gentle area of ??the face.

Cottage cheese mask
Pound the 0,5 tsp. 9% cottage cheese with a little warm cream and apply on the skin of the lips for 5-10 minutes. Then this composition can wash off, or eat it. This mask smoothes the weathered lips and returns them freshness.

Apple mask
Scrunch the fresh apple on a small grater, mix the resulting gruel with butter, drip a drop of honey and apply on the lips for 5-10 minutes. The mask perfectly softens the skin and prevents the appearance of cracks.

Fruit and Berry Masks
Возьмите любой сочный или мясистый фрукт или ягоду – хурму, авокадо, банан, абрикос, персик, грушу, клубнику, чернику, разомните мякоть, добавьте в нее 1-2 капли масла ши, оливкового или масла виноградной косточки. Нанесите на кожу на несколько минут. Ваши губы станут мягкими и сочными, как персик.

Sour cream mask
Mix one part of sour cream, cucumber or carrot juice and honey. Spread a mixture of lips and hold 5-7 minutes. After removing the composition with a soft napkin, wipe the lips with vegetable oil. The mask protects against drying and returns elasticity to the skin of the lips.


In order to ensure a good blood supply and inadmissibility of drying, massage your lips. To do this, a soft towel or a large porous sponge, dipped in lemon juice or plain water, massage your lips in a circular motion. To the lip rim did not age before the time (do not cringe from the early wrinkles), apply a vegetable oil on the skin and pat on the lips with a soft toothbrush, grabbing the plots and beyond their borders.

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