How to care for curly hair: a practical guide

How to care for curly hair: a practical guide
Shampoo is primarily intended for the care of the scalp, so when choosing it you need to focus on the state of the epidermis. But how to take care of the hair itself?

По типу волос подбираются маски и кондиционеры, причем нужно очень внимательно подходить к их выбору.

Curly hair is the most porous, fluffy and naughty hair of all types. The fact is that scales of curly hair are always open, so all useful components are washed out of them very quickly. To help come waste funds with argan oil and Moring oil in the composition, which have a restoring effect.

Also look for a ceramic that will "seal" the hair. As a result, useful substances will not be washed out so much, and with proper care they will accumulate.

How to care?

Instead of an air conditioner, it is advisable to use a mask. Keep it should be a couple of minutes. Twice a week, you should do proper care and keep the mask 10-20 minutes.

Styling for curly hair

  • Get yourself a cream or oil to straighten your hair. On hair, towel-dried hair, apply a lot of straightening agent (try not to touch the roots and boldly apply more funds, your curly hair will absorb it with the greed of the sponge). Such a tool will not straighten your hair, of course, but it will perfectly cope with such common problems as creating a beautiful texture and fluffiness.
  • Also a good choice for curly hair is the nozzle-diffuser on the hairdryer.

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