How to care for a puncture site after a piercing

How to care for a puncture site after a piercing
Different types of punctures on the body heal at different rates. The total period of healing of the piercing hole, even with proper care, can last from a week to 5 months. Therefore, it is especially important to be able to look after it correctly.

Care of the wound after puncture

The most critical period is the first few weeks after the puncture. At this time, your future piercing is actually an open wound, and you should take care of it especially carefully. Twice a day, wipe the hole with a disinfectant solution to stop the inflammatory process and prevent the multiplication of bacteria.

To remove pain and swelling the first few days after the puncture, experts recommend doing short-term cold compresses. The healing phase can last from a few weeks to several months, and all this time it is necessary to take care of the hole carefully.

Спорт и отдых на море

If you are active, go to the gym or travel constantly, for several months after navel piercing or a nipple to take a break in these exercises, of course, is not necessary. At the wound healing stage, when it still makes itself felt and can begin to bleed or become inflamed, it is better to refuse visiting the pool, sauna or trips involving bathing. When the wound heals a little, it is possible to resume sports training, but with certain precautions. Before physical exertion, seal the hole with a patch on a tissue basis, and after that, always perform additional treatment with a disinfectant solution.

If it so happens that you have a trip to the sea, and the piercing has not yet healed completely, try on vacation to provide him with the greatest possible disinfection and protection. During the tanning and bathing the hole must be sealed with a band-aid. Remember, however, that the wound should breathe – it should not be stuck with anything for long. Of course, you always want the complications to not touch you, but, just in case, be prepared for the fact that the piercing can become inflamed, begin to bleed or swell. Alas, sunbathing and swimming in the sea – not best satellites of regeneration.

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Of course, the place of the piercing will give you some inconveniences, ache a little, itch, or even itch. But you do not need to pull the jewelry, pull it or pull it from side to side. Also, you can not scroll the earring in the hole. If you need to clean or rinse – pull the jewelry in one direction and treat the wound, removing the edge of the crust earrings or dried lymph. Until the hole completely heals, you can not remove or replace the piercing – this can provoke an inflammatory process.

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