How to care for a beard

How to care for a beard
Caring for a beard is often ignored by many men. Meanwhile, such withdrawal is very important not only to preserve its appearance, but also for the overall hygiene of the person. Proper care for the beard is not so difficult, it is only necessary to perform some simple procedures on a regular basis.

If you decide to wear a beard, you already know how long and how long it should be. In time, cut it, not allowing the appearance of extra hair. If you want to the beard grew only in the face area, shave your neck regularly. In the process of cutting and edging the beard, comb it down, watch while making the hair growth shedding smooth.

A very important stage of care for beard is its washing. Try to keep the beard as clean as possible, otherwise the facial skin can become covered with pimples. Twice a day, wash your face thoroughly with soap (in the morning and before going to bed). Your task is to rid your beard of the various fats that accumulate on it during the day. Thoroughly wipe the face after each washing of the beard, there should not be any moisture on it. Use only clean dry towels.

Use shaving lotions every time after shaving and washing. They will help you sterilize the skin, tighten the pores on its surface, and also moisten it. Study the composition of the lotions before using them. Stay away from funds that include a large number of chemicals, the fewer ingredients they contain, the better. Choose lotions with a smell that emphasizes your masculinity (cedar, juniper, sandalwood, etc.).

Use special natural oils to care for your beard. Apply a few drops of this liquid to your face and slowly rub it over the entire length of the beard. Such oils are most often used by people with weak hair, strongly prone to external stimuli. However, any man wearing a beard can use them, it will help to maintain the health of the hair and make the beard soft. In addition, the substances contained in these oils cause hair follicles to work more actively, thereby stimulating hair growth. Such oils also can protect the beard from the appearance of dandruff on it, and reduce the fat content of the hair. Try not to use funds based on olive oil, they are poorly absorbed into the skin. The best choice is the oil of almonds, jojoba or avocado.

You can also use wax to care for your beard. The use of wax is very useful for regulating hair growth. This is especially important if you want to have a very long beard and mustache, but do not want to have dense vegetation directly under the lower lip or in any other part of the face. Applying a small amount of wax to your face, you can control the direction and areas of hair growth.

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