How to calculate your ideal waistline

How to calculate your ideal waistline
It is believed that the ideal waist size is 60 cm. And if the centimeter tape shows more, this is the reason for the frustration. And completely in vain!

The cherished waist in 60 cm will look different in different ways from tall and miniature ladies. So, it's time to get your own beauty formula.

Take the calculator

There are several formulas for determining the "right" waist size. We will not delve into complicated calculations and take two of the simplest.

  1. From the index of its growth, it is necessary to subtract 100, see. The resulting figure will show the ideal girth of your waistline.
  2. The ratio of the waist and hips should be 0,7. If you have a wide bone, you should add 3-5 cm to the result, and for a narrow bone, on the contrary, take it away.

In any case, the result is not a mandatory standard. This is just a guide to which you can equal.

How to solve the puzzle

So, the calculations are over. If the waist requires adjustment, consider a set of restorative measures. Just do not put a unrealistic goal to do this for the New Year or for any date. The body does not tolerate violence! It is sufficient to systematically and regularly carry out a set of measures to achieve the task. Exactly as in mathematics: the action is the first, second and third.

1. Exercises

Hoop –the best shell! Turn the hoop 10-15 minutes daily, and after a couple of months you will feel how the waist has decreased and the elasticity and firmness of the skin increased.

Squats.Standing on your knees, sit on the floor to the right of the heels, go back to the starting position. Do the repetition in the opposite direction. Perform 10-20 times for each side.

Body lifts.The starting position is lying on the back, the legs are bent at the knees. Raise the upper part of the body and reach out with your left elbow to the right knee. Return to the starting position and then perform twisting in the opposite direction. Repeat 15-20 times for each side.

2. Proper nutrition

Frequent meals in small portionswill not only not stretch the stomach, but also maintain a normal metabolic rate.

Eat more protein (lean meat, dairy products, fish), vegetables, fruits, greens.Carbohydrates are best limited to cereals, whole wheat bread and macaroni from hard wheat varieties. The total calorie content of the eaten products is 1500-2000 kcal per day.


One of the most popular methods is a pinch massage. It tones up, strengthens the skin, helps reduce fat deposits in the abdomen.

Perform a standing massage and on an empty stomach. Apply a little vegetable oil or anti-cellulite cream to the skin. Then, grabbing the thumb and forefinger of the right and left hand skin on the abdomen, with pinching movements move along the muscles of the press, the lateral muscles. Tweaks should be palpable, the skin should turn red, but without bruising. Do this for 15-20 minutes. It is desirable daily.

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