How to calculate the number of calories

How to calculate the number of calories
With a desire to lose weight, the first thing that comes to mind is diet. Of course, this is the right decision, since it depends on the quality of nutrition and the amount of consumed products that the metabolism, and hence weight, depends. Quantity diets offered by all sorts of sources is so great that it is not possible to understand the effectiveness of each. But in one they are similar – it is impossible to reduce your weight and not recruit it anew, if you do not change your way of life. Since the proclamation of the war with excess fat will have to count every calorie. Let's figure out how to do it right.

Change the floor scales to small tables for weighing food intended for eating.

Заведите блокнот с яркой обложкой и beautiful pen for writing down the eaten калорий.

Copy the tables калорийand keep them on hand for counting. To begin, carefully study their contents, especially pay attention to the amount калорий in your favorite dishes. Carefully read the labels that show the exact number калорий в данном продукте.

An important step is to choose the calculation option. First: Count only the quantity калорий, entering the body. If your image life rather monotonous, then eat foods at 1000-1400 kcal per day. The second option: if your daily routine changes each day, or you are a math lover, then you can count and expense калорийWhich will зависеть от вашей физической активности.

Remember the tricks of some products. For example, fat burning requires 3% of the калорий, а углеводов и белков – 23%. Соответственно, в остатке получаем от жиров калорий much more, than from proteins and carbohydrates.

Now look for the invisible. It would seem that there should be a minimum in vegetable stew калорий. But you forgot about the oil. These calories are invisible, but they enter our body together with vegetables. Especially this moment is important if you eat food cooked not by you. In this case, specify – on what kind of fat was prepared this or that dish.

There are calories empty and full. Food composed not only from калорий. It has and vitamins, and microelements, and acids, which are so necessary for the body. Choose those dishes in which, with an equal number калорий присутствует большее количество полезных веществ.

With a small enemy it's easier fight. Eat as often as possible, then calories will enter the body in small portions and burn faster.
A successful and not hungry diet!

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