How to buy everything for nail extensions

How to buy everything for nail extensions
Long, beautiful nails – a dream of many women. If earlier this luxury was not accessible to everyone (not everyone can boast of strong natural nails and a beautiful form), now sexy marigolds that do not break down and do not puff – modern reality.

You will need
  • – салон парикмахерских принадлежностей;
  • – интернет-магазин.
Наращивание ногтей на дому – это чрезвычайно интересное и не complex occupation For a girl, тем более, что купить все для наращивания ногтей можно во многих местах, материалы доступны каждому покупателю.

Find out what kinds of materials you will need. It depends on the build-up of which nails you will be dealing with (acrylic or gel). You will need:

– acrylic Powder;
– цветная акриловая пудра;
– Materials for the design of nails;
– акриловая жидкость (monomer);
– colored gel;
– seashells, sequins, fimo;
– Files for nails;
– single-phase гель для наращивания ногтей;
– orange sticks;
– Brushes for gel, acrylic, nail art, design;
– tips;
– forms;
– polishers and grinders;
– UV-lamp 36 Ватт.

Choose an acrylic system if you are going to наращивать ногти using this material. Features and advantages of such a system are: optional primer use, patented chemical reaction (technology, благодаря которой компоненты химического происхождения высвобождаются медленно, а в течение 21 дня проявляются оптические усилители яркости), яркость и прочность искусственных ногтей, безупречные цвета, отсутствие отслаиваний, трещин и пузырей, высокая степень эластичности, идеальные линии улыбок, безупречные арки даже у новичков.

Go to the sites on the Internet. There is a large number of online stores that sell materials for nail extensions at the most favorable prices (, = 360).

Ask the store's consultant or salon if you doubt the advisability of buying a particular material, or consult with an experienced craftsman from whom you took courses in nail extensions. Bring a specialist with you if you are not sure of the correct selection of materials for building, because they are not cheap.

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