How to buy by the summer a flat tummy

How to buy by the summer a flat tummy
After winter, women get summer clothes, but they often notice that they do not look perfect in it. Still there is time to prepare for vacation and to amaze everyone with its appearance. To get in shape, you need patience, perseverance and focus on results.

Do invisible gymnastics. To do this, retract and relax the abdominal muscles. This imperceptible exercise perfectly strengthens the press and does not build up excess muscle mass.

Sit down in Turkish. Hands clasp in the lock behind the head. Make turns left-right.

Lie on your back. Put your hands under your buttocks. Raise your legs at an angle of 45 degrees from the floor.

Lie on your back and bend your knees. Tear off the scapula from the floor.

The starting position is the same. Tear off the scapula from the floor, while taking the right hand to the left knee and vice versa.

Except physical exercises pay attention to the food: eat often small portions, do not overeat at night. It is important to limit salt intake. Often its excess in the body is caused by the puffiness of the abdomen. Drink at least 15, liters of clean water a day.

Делайте самомассаж. Для этого массируйте кожу вокруг navel clockwise. This will improve muscle tone.

Use a body scrub. With it, the skin will become smoother, and blood circulation will increase.

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