How to build up eyelashes with tufts

How to build up eyelashes with tufts
Eyelash extension beams perfectly suited for girls and women, if in their life there is an important event, on which it is necessary to look irresistible, to shine in all its glory. The technology is very simple and completely safe for health. Eyelash extension is the attachment of several artificial bundles with special glue to the base of your own eyelashes. They effectively frame the eyes and make them more expressive.

Advance purchase invoices eyelashes в любом магазине perfume or in a beauty salon. Buy these Eyelash bunches, which are right for you. Choose the length that you want to have – short, medium and long. Immediately get a special gel, on which you will fix overhead eyelashes.

If you bought bundles of the same length, then after building give them the right shape with the help of conventional scissors.

Since you use a special gel based on natural resins, this will allow you not to worry about the occurrence of allergic reactions. Such gels reliably fix eyelashes и остаются совершенно не заметными на ваших веках.

При таком наращивании ресниц пучки приклеивайте к векам вплотную с вашими ресницами. Перед началом умойтесь, тщательно удалите все следы косметики и обезжирьте веки специальными средствами.

Stick the bundles in strict sequence. Start with the shortest (from the corner of the nose), then use medium and long cilia. It is best to use eyebrow tweezers, then you can easily grab the bundle, lightly touch the gel and easily fix it on your eyelid. Do not rush, since this case does not require haste, so that the cilia looked very beautiful, smooth and natural.

Increased in this way eyelashes совершенно не боятся перепадов температуры, воды и попадания прямых солнечных лучей. Но не следует в дальнейшем наносить на веки жирные крема, так как они способны разрушить состав геля, на который наклеены ваши пучки.

Remove eyelashes you can domestic conditions при помощи обычного оливкового масла или воспользоваться помощью в салоне.

To eyelashes served you as long as possible, you should not visit saunas and it is recommended to sleep exclusively on your back.

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