How to build hair in 2018 year

How to build hair in 2018 year
Modern methods used in the beauty industry allow you to correct mistakes made by nature. Those ladies whom she did not award with a luxurious head of hair can simply grow their hair and become the owner of magnificent and beautiful hairstyles. Healthy and well-groomed hair can turn any woman into beauty.

They increase hair in professional hairdressing salons. This method becomes a real panacea for those who have liquid hair and those who do not want to wait long to grow themselves braids. Hair extensions are produced in two ways: cold and hot. The difference between them in the temperature at which new strands are attached to the base, which are your "native" hair.

In the salon you can offer several methods: Italian, English, Spanish, or build-up on the technology of Ring Star. Italian build-up refers to hot methods and is considered one of the most reliable and perfect – the hair holds up to six months. At the end of this period, they can be easily removed and increased. The procedure is quite simple – the hair is fastened with strings using capsules with keratin, which looks like a plate. They are fastened with special warmed tweezers to the roots of their hair. This method of attachment is very strong, and you can safely comb your new hair comb.

Another hot method is English. With it, hair is attached not to the roots, but to the tips of one's own hair by special pistol. At the place of gluing a small capsule is formed. The higher the skill of the hairdresser, the less noticeable and less these capsules will be. This method is considered more sparing, but the master will take on your head only if the length of the hair is not less than 6 cm. Artificial locks are attached to the temporal and occipital part of the head and hold for 3-4 months.

Испанский метод относится к холодным – наращиваемые пряди волос просто приклеивают специальным составом. Высохнув, он приобретает белесоватый оттенок, поэтому используют его на русых и белокурых волосах. После процедуры свои волосы остаются неповрежденными, но вот когда через 4 месяца пряди начинают снимать, родные волоски ломаются в тех местах, где к ним крепились искусственные, поэтому на голове остаются одни «пеньки».

В технологии Ring Star используются металлокерамические кольца размером не более 3 мм, которыми крепят присоединяемые пряди к своим волосам. Кольца окрашены в разные цвета, поэтому мастер легко может подобрать их окраску таким образом, чтобы они были незаметны. Метод этот щадящий и не портит волосы – через 4 месяца кольца легко снимаются. Он удобен тем, что наращивание можно сделать даже на очень короткую стрижку или на отдельную часть прически, например, челку или затылок.

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