How to build a crescent

How to build a crescent
Eyelash extension is a fairly common procedure. It requires no complicated equipment or special education. Of all types of escalating, sperm is considered preferable, because the result looks natural. How to build eyelashes by yourself?

You will need
  • – eyelashes;
  • – маленькая щеточка;
  • – glue for eyelashes;
  • – 2 tweezers;
  • – small glass;
  • – adhesive paper strips;
  • – degreasing liquid;
  • – Teflon.
Consider the length and look extensible eyelashes. Most often used mink or sable lashes of black color from 8 to 12 mm, because they do not look much different from natural. For a more extravagant appearance, you can try to build very long colored or decorated with eyelash crystals.

Уложите клиента на ровную твердую поверхность так, чтобы его голова находилась на уровне вашей груди. Удалите с глаз макияж, а затем при помощи ватной палочки обезжирьте верхние ресницы. Для обезжиривания используются специальные жидкости, позволяющие клею лучше сцепиться с волосками.

Separate the upper lashes from the lower ones using adhesive paper strips – they are usually sold along with sets for building. Or use a band-aid on a paper base with a width of about 10 mm. Stick it on the lower eyelashes to protect them from the glue.

Stand behind the client. Use a brush to comb the eyelashes. If the lighting is not enough, and you do not see the direction of growth of all the hairs, use a lamp.

Press on the glass a small drop of glue. Bend the tweezers from the jar with the longest eyelashes and dab the tip of it into a drop. To remove excess glue, touch a few times to clean the glass.

Do not let go of the tweezed tweezers, take in the other hand another tweezers with straight jaws. Divide the eyelashes at the outer edge of the eye and attach the artificial hair to the natural hair. Glue should be closer to the root. While the glue is not dry, adjust the direction of the extended eyelash so that it coincides with the natural growth.

The next eyelash glue in the center or near the inner edge of the eye, in the center of the eyelid is of medium length, at the inner edge – the shortest. Then again go back to the outer corner, because the previously increased eyelash has already dried up and will not move if accidentally touched.

after closure наращивания ресниц on one eye, go to the next. Finally, apply Teflon on the eyelashes – it will give strength to the bonding points.

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