How to brush your teeth

How to brush your teeth
When pieces of food get stuck between your teeth, and we do not always carefully clean them out. Then there can be serious problems. And bad smell from the mouth – not the most terrible of them. Gum diseases, bacteria multiplication, tartar deposits, increased risk of caries – here are a list of few items from the list of those problems that are the result of careless attitude to oral hygiene. It is known that a toothbrush can not reach all corners and slits of this cavity. And then the help comes the dental floss. But she also needs to be able to use.

Возьмите 30-40 см нити и намотайте на average the fingers of both hands so that the remaining gap (the middle portion of the thread) is approximately 5 centimeters.

Holding the thread with indexes and large fingers so that it stretches, gently insert it into the gap between the teeth. Make sure that the thread does not hit the gum and injure it.

Circle thread alternately each из пары соседствующих teeth, embracing the C-shaped first one, and then соседний зуб и одновременно двигая нить up/ down, gently entering the line gums. After cleaning one space (and at the same time two teeth in a half), use the used thread.

Unwind the new piece of thread and treat the next gap and the adjacent two teeth in half as well. So move from tooth to tooth, not forgetting to change the thread every time.

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