How to brush your teeth

How to brush your teeth
It's not a secret that a beautiful smile is the first step to the trust and sympathy of people around you. For this, it is necessary to achieve not only the whiteness of the teeth, but also the health of the gums and the strength of the enamel. How can I brush my teeth to get rid of the destructive layer of bacterial plaque most effectively?

You will need
  • Зубная щетка;
  • Toothpaste.
Start clean teeth with external hand, gradually turning to the internal one. And, on the inside, take the maximum amount time, since there remains a greater number of harmful bacteria.

Начинайте чистить зубы с передних, постепенно двигаясь к коренным.

In time cleansing teeth, carry out circular motions. And they should be at least 10 per each tooth.

Action toothbrush Produce from the gum to the crown. So you get rid of food particles, that fall between the teeth.

Чистку зубов top and lower jaws take turns. After completing one, proceed to another.

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