How to brighten your hair

How to brighten your hair
Toning is a less harmful procedure for hair than staining. Due to the fact that the paint does not penetrate deep inside, the protective cover is not broken, the chitinous scales remain smooth and shiny.

There are several ways to tint hair. The most simple – a shade of shampoo or balm. Use these funds can be directly in the shower, while washing your head. First, wash the hair with a normal shampoo, then apply a shade. Keep it on the locks indicated on the packaging time. Rinse thoroughly. The effect of using a shade of shade is not very long – it will wash off after the first – the second wash of hair. And change the color of curls with this method of staining can be a maximum of one or two tones, and only in the direction of darkening.

The second method of toning is using hair foam. It is more resistant, it lasts for up to two weeks. Apply foam to dry hair and leave for twenty to thirty minutes for exposure. It is then washed off with water and a small amount of shampoo. With the help of foam, you can give your hair a brighter or darker color, radically change their hue. But she has flaws. Penka heavily gets dirty clothes, if the hair gets to the collar – it will dye. And this remedy is washed away in the rain, if the landlady does not hide under the umbrella in time.

For toning individual strands you can use mascara. The stores appeared special, for hair. It is packaged in larger tubes, it has a larger brush. In addition, mascara has a variety of shades – from white to deep purple and brown. It is easy to apply mascara. Separate the strand that you want to sink and sweep it several times with a brush with mascara. The paint is washed off after the first washing of the head.

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