How to brighten up peroxide

How to brighten up peroxide
Sometimes nature awards women not at all with the color of hair that they would like to see. Bright curls were fashionable at all times. Nothing has changed today – a huge number of women want to make their hair golden and shining. Fortunately, modern hairdressers know methods that help brighten the head of hair quite quickly and practically without consequences.

You will need
  • – hydrogen peroxide;
  • – liquid soap;
  • – ammonia (or ammonium bicarbonate).
To this end, a solution of hydrogen peroxide is used. In most cases, its concentration is 8-12%. Each hairdresser uses his technique, but there are a number of recommendations that will help you lighten the hair yourself.

The first thing to remember – hair before painting should be covered with natural fat. If you have planned a lightening, do not wash your head for at least 3 days before the procedure.

Далее нужно приготовить раствор. Сама перекись водорода не может осветлить волосы, так как реакция ее распада идет слишком медленно. Именно поэтому в раствор нужно добавить и стимулятор реакции. Им может быть нашатырный спирт, но в большинстве случаев используют бикарбонат аммония, так как он дает естественный оттенок и менее опасен для структуры волоса. На каждый миллилитр перекиси должно приходиться по одной капле стимулятора. Также в смесь добавьте жидкое мыло.

First, test the body's response. To do this, apply the mixture on the skin behind the ear and wait two minutes. If everything is normal, then the mixture can also process the hair.

Remember that you can not lighten the hair, if before that you used a paint with the content of metals. They greatly accelerate the reaction, the temperature of the hair rises strongly up to the point of ignition. That is why before starting the application of the solution, check its effect on one small string. If everything is normal, then you can apply a clarifier to the rest of the hair mass.

Now carefully comb the hair with a special brush or cotton swab, start applying the liquid to the hair, beginning with the roots. Mix the mixture on your hair for as long as necessary to achieve the desired hair color.

Rinse the product off hair using non-alkaline soap. Water should be warm, but not hot.

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