How to brighten the enamel of teeth

How to brighten the enamel of teeth
Whiteness of teeth is returned to professional procedures. But simple and accessible ways help to support color.

According to Professor Bradley Baysuenger of the University of Indiana in the United States, the best way to whiten teeth is chewing gum. If you chew it immediately after eating for 20 minutes, the plaque on the teeth will be formed much more slowly.

Water will help to avoid the formation of a dark plaque. It is enough to rinse your mouth after each meal. And dentists recommend drinking milk. Calcium, which is contained in this product, creates a thin film on the enamel and protects from the acid contained in food and drinks, stains the teeth.

In addition, you can brighten your teeth with vegetables. For example, in one tomato contains vitamin C, malic acid and fiber. All this prevents the formation of tartar and clears teeth of bacteria.

A lightening effect can also be produced by whitening pastes. They consist of highly effective polishing microparticles, which are more intensive than conventional means to remove plaque, which creates a whiteness effect. And before going to bed, you can use special whitening serums, which are produced by many manufacturers.

Посетите стоматолога, врач порекомендует вам оптимальный способ отбеливания эмали, исходя из оценки состояния ваших зубов. Не пробуйте самостоятельно народные способы осветления, это может привести к необратимым последствиям.

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