How to braid spikelets around the head

How to braid spikelets around the head
The braids are very comfortable – if you have to move a lot, they do not allow the hair to become disheveled. Such hairstyles as spikelets, are popular among dancers and gymnasts. In addition, it seems that there are a lot of hair and that they are much longer and thicker than they really are. Having mastered the technique and knowing, how to braid spikelets around head, you can do this hairstyle to yourself or your girlfriends as often as you like.

You will need
  • – comb;
  • – hairpin or elastic band;
  • – несколько невидимок;
  • – Massage brush (for weak hair).
Comb hair and divide them from the crown to the neck on two parts. Start weave spikelets from the nape of the neck.

On the left side of the parting, separate the strand volos. Она должна быть небольшой, но такой, чтобы можно было разделить ее на три части. Начните плести ordinary spit in the direction of the ear. Free hair leave under pigtail.

After making one or two weave, separate from the loose hair one more strand and attach it to the one that is currently below. Continue weaving, after each two turns separating from the free hair the next strand and taking it into the braid.

Scourge spikelets by the circle, constantly adding new locks. In the end, the remaining loose hair is tightened with a rubber band for hair, hide it under the scythe and kill it with invisibility.

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